The Kite Runner: Why is it important to be good again?

Being good again means redeeming one’s conscience and doing something to make up for past mistakes. In The Kite Runner, Amir begins in chapter one stating there is a way to be good again, which shows his remorse and regret for his past actions, in particular for how he had treated Hassan.

Being good again is definitely not an issue only for the narrator of this novel. Trying to make up for what happened in the past happens to most people, not just to Amir. History always has a way of haunting us and guilt is definitely one of the ways it happens. Personally, there’ve been multiple times where I’ve wanted to be good again. I’ve made many mistakes in my life, including lying to my parents, and I try to make up for my shortcomings by pleasing them. However, I often find that trying to be good again is usually too little too late, since sometimes it is impossible to edit the past or change the way someone thinks of you. For example, in the case of Amir, from the beginning he is shown to be looking back at the past and regretting some of the choices he made. Unfortunately, some things will always stay the way they were, such as how he refused to stand up for Hassan when he was being raped.

In my own life, especially at school, I find that people already have fixed impressions of you and it is really hard to redeem yourself unless something dramatic occurs. For instance, friends and teachers who have known me before in middle school mostly have a preset notion of my personality because of the way I have behaved in the past, regardless of the person I am now. However, this doesn’t stop me from attempting to redeem myself or prevent me from striving for excellence. Likewise, in our society today, “being good again” is normally deemed as a lie or a facade for someone trying to grasp onto a good reputation. It isn’t difficult to look for an example of this in popular culture. Take Tiger Woods for example. Once known as a professional golf player, now people will mostly only remember him as the man who cheated on his wife. In my opinion, I believe guilt is a positive influence, because it steers us in the right direction and also shows a sign of maturity and growth. The majority of people nowadays, especially the media, are probably more unforgiving and like to focus on others’ bad deeds in order to lift up themselves. However, I believe that trying to be good again is definitely important, even if others don’t welcome it, because doing so takes immense courage, from recognizing one’s mistakes to proving that one can do so despite others’ criticism.

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