Man’s Best Friend [Object Poem]

This Labrador, soft, fuzzy, furry like a mink coat

Loud and swift, it races with its tongue swinging about

Playful and bouncy, forever a child at heart,

Flitting around with a sea of boundless energy

A warm buzz of safety enshrouds me in its arms,

a sense of security the strongest of safes,

my secrets kept in his heart as mine

Now it is a loving parent, all ears to my troubles,

unrelenting in faith, a heart flowing with kindness

Now it is a warrior for me, always attentive and alert,

the defender of my family, the watchful eye of the house,

the silent, golden protector that watches me in my sleep

Now it is my counselor, a sympathetic teddy bear,

tolerant and nonjudgmental even in times of sorrow,

its hazel eyes whispering words of compassion to wrecked souls

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